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We are driven by passion. Without it, our efforts would be useless. Having the professional ability to do somethiing is pointless without the proper motive. Experience Primar now:

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Creative Bench


Does your business have its own personality? Or maybe the question should be, CAN a business have a personality? We can get really deep and talk about all the boring things like "What's your company's mission?" and "What are the benefits and features of your product or service?" but as important as that all may sound, it's not. Your business should be one thing, and that consistency. Consistent with your promise. With your work. But most importantly, your look. How does one identify a certain brand? Would you know that it's Coca-Cola if the can did not have a label on it? But wait, we're ignoring the real question: Would you buy a can with no label? How would you know that it's Coke and not Pepsi? How do you identify such product? Well Coke, you identify by its color red and the signatured white font. How does one identify your product or service? Welcome to branding, where we give your business a personality, and a really awesome one for that matter.

Web Design

As you are reading this, 80% of the businesses in America are redesigning or are thinking about redesigning their current website. Why? Well, something that was "acceptable" a few years ago is just not enough anymore. Everything changes fast. We can access more information from the palm of our hand today than we ever could with a computer. The online web is the dominant industry for any business because it so accessible and fast. We are able to make our decisions faster and smarter than ever, and most of them are inclusive of businesses just like yours. Every time someone enters a new website, it is a matter of seconds until they make the ultimate decision to leave or stay. The content speaks louder than words. Is it appealing? Does anything at all catch my attention? Does it have what I am looking for? If so, how do I get it? Am I not finding an answer? You see, everything needs to be straight to the point. So lets make your website do just that. And if you're a new business, you're here at the perfect time for a design.

Print Studio

As with any business, the print could be the last pitch before your sale. Whether its your business card or just a letterhead, it needs to have your business written all over it. Our boutique print studio offers a very creative variety with a touch of something we call "... or maybe we just won't say. Anyways, the point is printing something isn't just informative anymore. The brochures, flyers and anything else that you may need, are an extension of your business. The psychology behind every word and graphic on that paper is utilized in your advantage by our creative team. We stick to the unique personality of your business and make sure it is fully exposed on everything we print for you. Our options are virtually limitless - We will get what you need printed, that's not a worry. It's how it's printed that matters. The design, the content, the writing and the form. We'll make sure that whatever it is we're printing is done in the most effective way possible. 



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way that someone can find your business via search engine such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is all about making your website visible so it can be found. So the last time you searched for something online, did you notice how there were pages of results? Yet we can both agree that whatever was on the first page concluded our search. Well the way it all works, is quite complex. The keywords you use in your search and the results provided are dependent on each other. And who determines what the best results are? Well, the search engines algorithm of course. An equation of factors so difficult and broad and confusing that by the time anyone starts understanding it or figuring it out, it changes. Fortunately our SEO method could possibly be the most unique one ever used. We're not here to brag, but our clients sure are. And we don't blame them.


PPC or Paid Per Click advertising is the 2nd most effective way of advertising online. Every search engine offers it, and that includes Google. Did you notice how many of your search queries bring results with ads on top? Well, that's what that is. This is usually the most appropriate form of advertising for new businesses, new products or services, or something that is offered for a limited time. PPC makes the most sense because you pay to be on top and gain an enormous amount of exposure and traffic to your website. The scary thing about it, is more than 50% of PPC customers are actually just wasting their money with no results. It is extremely important to have a clear understanding of not only how PPC works, but how customers react to certain ads depending on the product or service. Our approach is extremely unique. We won't even share the general idea of it, but we will say that we have quite a list of clients that can prove it works. 


Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, the list does not stop. But is your business fully active on all of them? Your business may have its own Facebook page, but the next customer is on Google+ right now, and we just lost him. Being active on social media opens so much more opportunities for the success of your business! The time people spend on social media sites is increasing by day and so many of them are your potential customers. Jumping on the wagon will not only bring you new customers, but build strong relationships with your past and currents. Not to mention, being on social media increases the visibility of your website on search engines. As with it all, this needs to be done properly to see the results. With every website we develop, social media is included only because it works. Don't wait another day, because customers will not find you if you're not there. 


If you are selling products or services, you need an eCommerce website to launch your store online. This involves the proper inventory launch, payment processing, customer account creation and user-interactions with what you have to offer. Whether you're selling an e-book, your new clothing line, antique collection or breeding animals, we can do it for you. Using the latest tools in the industry, combined with our extensive marketing experience, our work comes with proven results. We offer everything you'll need from getting the company online and having a backend full of your inventory, customers' database and effective communications option that will drive your business forward.