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Safety Restore

Safety Restore, based out of Westfield, MA is a vehicle post-accident restoration company providing services nationwide. They specialize in resetting airbag modules and rebuilding seat belt pretensioners back to factory condition. Originally founded and established in South Carolina, but soon acquired by new ownership and moved to Massachusetts. During the positive transition, we were contacted to develop a new website and provide marketing solutions, while preserving the original company brand.

Our team has successfully incorporated the original logos and branding of the company, yet provided an upgrade to an online eCommerce site. This has opened up countless possibilities to the business with innovative features focusing primarily on customer experience. Our team has developed a seamless checkout system where customers can request a repair order directly online using an automated system. This front website feature communicates directly with the company’s backend office automatically creating a customer database. With many internal designs and programming, more importantly we launched an online marketing campaign to drive more traffic to the company’s website. The company has admitted to seeing stunning results.

What We Did


eCommerce is what gave life to this business. Having the ability to place an order online is the beginning and end of the entire sale process. Safety Restore is a service-provider and the idea of eCommerce seemed to be a bit out of place in the beginning. eCommerce is aimed at brick and mortar stores, filled with inventory and a variety of categories, so we had to think outside of many boxes for this one. Nevertheless, we succeeded. We filled the inventory with services and began designing. Each service was very different from the other and required custom coding to generate the appropriate instructions for the customer to follow. Once everything was completed, we incorporated the services as products on the website. The basics of online shopping was further applied: A customer was able to add the service(s) to an online and checkout. Of course online registration or guest checkout were given as options. With a fast checkout form, the customer was processing the payment in no time. Sale complete. 


Being one of the first companies to offer such unique services, there was very minimum amount of content available to use as media. We had our photography team go out to them on location and do an entire photo shoot of the inventory. We then processed everything through the graphic designers who did a phenomenal job integrating it all with the company’s brand and website. Each service includes multiple detailed photos to help each customer identify his or her product quickly and accurately. Photography has been a great part of the project. 

Google AdWords

Traffic and leads. The good stuff. As mentioned previously, Safety Restore was acquired by new ownership. What we didn't mention is that the previous management wanted to do everything themselves. They used a cheap website template, modified a few things and had a fully functional website... on the outside. Nothing worked though. No leads, no traffic, no sales. So what do they do? Continue on their own... driving the business to the ground. We won't get much into details, but it's safe to say that in this case doing something on your own did not work. A lesson that many seem to only learn by practice, and unfortunately by the time it is learned - it is too late. By the time we were contacted, the website was a complete mass. SEO was ruined and they were black listed by search engines. A business with so much potential - stuck. Our team worked day and night to completely redesign the website and give them a new launch. We thought Google AdWords would be a perfect solution and it sure was a successful one. We made multiple campaigns to serve each service individually and worked with their budget precisely.

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