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Expression Cinema

Expression Cinema

Vadim, owner of Expression Cinema, first approached our team when he was still filming with a camera recording on tape. This should put a few things in perspective. The company was not really a company at the time and Vadim was only filming weddings for close friends and family. However, it was Vadim’s approach of filming that set him apart from others. His vision was to incorporate a cinematic look to every wedding he filmed. The end result would be that of a Hollywood movie made out of a traditional wedding. A love story that each couple (the client) falls in love over and over again. Vadim hired us to get his work out there and bring him new clients. Within a few months was born.

We began marketing Expression Cinema for the Boston area and saw stunning results. Vadim was booking weddings with high-end clients at exclusive venues every weekend. Months passed and we continued to grow. Slowly expanding to New York & Connecticut, Expression Cinema was delivering their love stories to couples all across the cities.

Expression Cinema is now an International and Destination Wedding Cinematography company, featured in various magazines and websites. The website we created for him remains to be the foundation of the work gallery and a direct ground for booking the company for the special day. Here are some samples of their work:


What We DId

Web Design

Expression Cinema requested a new website that we built from scratch. The idea was to engage each new visitor into viewing the latest love story film that we featured on the Home page. Elegant clean look was the style that matched this company best and we believe that we portrayed it perfectly. The Home page was extremely clean and had nothing on it but the featured video. This gave the visitor no choice but to watch it - exactly our goal. Once finished, you would proceed to learning more about the company on the About page. A Cinema page followed with an archive of all videos produced by Expression Cinema. Raves was another page that featured testimonials written by satisfied couples. We also included a link to the Blog page and a special page dedicated for Clients - a password-protected database. The most important part was the Contact page. We built a custom form focused on the very details needed accompanied by an e-mail and a direct phone number. Once the form is filled out it would automatically be dispatched to Vadim and a new lead was born. 

Logo Design

We were going for a very clean look and needed a patch to stamp on the final products, business cards and promotional media. Be believe this suited the company best. This logo is still used by Expression Cinema to this day.

 Logo design by Primar Marketing


We are the ones that gave Expression Cinema its character. While it was all based on the actual traits of the company, we needed to convert it into graphics and visuals. The entire feel, represented by colors and design, is the works of our team. Expression Cinema stands out at every event and web post because it has a character. When the film rolls out with the stunning logo, or a credit, you know that this is the company that makes cinematic wedding films. Expression Cinema is recognized by thousands of people across the globe and is continuing to grow dramatically. 

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