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Let’s Digest Web Design


Let’s Digest Web Design

What does your website represent?

It is not a secret that the amount of data available to us, is more than we know what to do with. However, before we jump straight to the writings let’s talk a little about the design or the atmosphere of where it’s found. Of course an appealing title of an article will catch our attention, but if we’re trying to buy a product from a website that we found online that looks like trash, are we going to? I don’t mean to use any harsh language or put anyone’s website down, but have we thought about the dramatic affect the design of a website has on us? Website design is the face of your company. It’s the cornerstone of your online home. It is very similar to welcoming guests into your home… How does your house look like? What about the living room and the decorations inside? Did you ever remodel it? Considered it? Well, it’s the same concept with web design. When folks stop by your website, they’re stepping into you home. It is very important to have everything layered out properly and have just the right amount of touch in every detail. Here at Primar marketing, web design is an ever-growing concept that we constantly strive to evolve on us. Yes, we make frequent upgrades and remodel it completely at times, and all for a very great reason. We have the creative mind set as well as the nerds that do all the programming to make sure your website is top notch.

Web Design in Detail

A website isn’t just bright colors and cool fonts. If it’s for a business of any kind, the main goal is to represent it properly and fully. The moment someone enters your website, it is a matter of a seconds before they make the decision to leave or stay. And they could be accessing it from their computer, tablet or smartphone. So how does your website looks like on a computer with a regular 19″ screen? How about a 27″ widescreen? An 11″ touch-screen tablet? How about a 4″ smartphone that’s held widescreen? Your website may be optimized to look decent on a regular computer screen but looks horrible on a smartphone browser. And if a potential customer is accessing it from his or her phone, you just lost a customer. No matter how great your product or service is, if your website doesn’t show it you won’t sell it. Having said this, I think it’s made clear the the majority of the “design” we do is laying out the website properly across all platforms, making it compatible virtually on any device that is accessed from. We use responsive coding which is a process of making all content, including tables, graphics and writing, automatically adjust to the screen size and resolution of the device. This also includes automatic reposition of content from vertical to horizontal aspects. As one of our customers said, “Yes your designs are amazing, but that’s not why they’re amazing. They’re amazing because they look amazing on anything!” No, we don’t blame her for overusing the word “amazing.”

Website Quality & Retina Displays

Made popular by the Apple iPhone – Retina Display, many devices are now incorporating higher qualities displays with a much higher PPI (pixels per inch.) This means that majority of all graphics designed prior to the release of the new screens, are incompatible and will look horrendous. Here is a snapshot of a website we redesigned for this reason:

Retina Comparison

Now, the comparison may look just fine on an older/regular display.  But the moment you see it on any Retina Display or a screen with higher quality, you will be drawn back by how awful it looks. You do not want this happening to your website. We make sure it doesn’t.

Every Website is Unique

Yes you heard this one before and it’s true. Just like your business, together with a personality and a character of its own, your website should not be compared to others. They are not you and you are not them. We craft our websites in accordance to your brand. Beautiful and clean designs that are straight to the point. You may have the greatest online campaign and the marketing costing a fortune, but if your website does not catch your potential customers’ attention, it is all worthless. Majority of our work involves redesigning websites that were launched years ago. The main reason our clients state  is not because they look bad and need to be refreshed, but a significant drop in sales. Getting the same (if not more) traffic and leads, but getting a fraction of the sales. It’s a new year and we have advanced along with our technology. We demand more. We are able to tell the difference now, and we want to see it.

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