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Case Studies

Jenart Films

by Primar in Case, Studies
Jenart Films specializes in handcrafted wedding cinematography and videography services. Based out of Massachusetts, they serve clients worldwide. Read more!

Sun of Righteousness

by Primar in Case, Studies
Sun of Righteousness is a ministry dedicated to supporting those in need and sharing the word and love of Christ, with a focus on providing financial aid to the causes in Mexico that the group has personally witnessed. The ministry believes with all of their hearts that this calling will change the lives of many. Evelina and Nancy were called by God for this ministry and immediately engaged in a fundraiser idea to raise money for an orphanage. Being great singers, they collaborated with many musicians across the nation with an idea to record a multi-language album and distribute it donating 100% of the profits. We were called to start working from the beginning, and develop everything as the project unfolded. Our team has worked with them in the studio, experiencing the feel, mood and character of the ministry. This has helped us create personalized visuals with the focus on the children of the orphanage. Our graphic team designed the album art and created a full website for the ministry. We launched a fundraising campaign with an online payment processor on the website where visitors could contribute directly to the ministry. Then, once the album came out, we distributed it among iTunes & Google Play. Read more!

Expression Cinema

by Primar in Case, Studies
Expression Cinema is a Boston wedding videography company, specializing in destination weddings. That is now. When it started, prior to Primar Marketing, it was just a one-man job taping a wedding for his relative. Vadim had a vision to incorporate a cinematic feel to an ordinary wedding. Instead of watching the boring old tape of a traditional wedding, he approached each one with a completely new perspective. The equipment he used together with the creativity resulted in something not too far away from a Hollywood love story. The moment the couples see their wedding produced by Expression Cinema on DVD, their jaws drop. Their eyes pour. And their hearts melt. Most do not even believe that it is in fact them in the video. It’s simply amazing. However, the service was only available in Vadim’s small town and the clientele was limited. Vadim contacted Primar Marketing to reveal his work online and develop a website for him. After viewing his work, we fell in love and jumped right on the project. Today, Expression Cinema has been recognized as one of the top wedding cinematographers in the world by various magazines (The Knot) and websites. Read more!

Safety Restore

by Primar in Web, Development
Safety Restore is a vehicle post-accident restoration company providing services nationwide. They specialize in resetting airbag modules and rebuilding seat belt pretensioners back to factory condition. Originally founded and established in South Carolina, but soon acquired by new ownership and moved to Massachusetts. During the positive transition, we were contacted to develop a new website and provide marketing solutions, while preserving the original company brand. Our team has successfully incorporated the original logos and branding of the company, yet provided an upgrade to an online eCommerce site. This has opened up countless possibilities to the business with innovative features focusing primarily on customer experience. Our team has developed a seamless checkout system where customers can request a repair order directly online using an automated system. This front website feature communicates directly with the company's backend office automatically creating a customer database. With many internal designs and programming, more importantly we launched an online marketing campaign to drive more traffic to the company's website. The company has admitted to seeing stunning results. Read more!